A big part of any landscape is hardscaping. Hardscaping consists of non-living elements in your yard such as pavers, gravel, bricks and concrete. These elements create structure to your yard, reducing maintenance and preventing the erosion of soft soils that can cause problems later on. Hardscapes can also make your yard more functional for entertaining, relaxing or playing. They can include patios, walkways, fire pits and more.

Hardscapes can help you create a unique outdoor living space for gathering with family and friends, dining al fresco and spending time in nature. Whether you’re planning Hardscaping to host an event or just want to add beauty and functionality to your backyard, our expert designers can assist in designing the perfect hardscape for your home.

Adding hardscape to your home can increase its value. In fact, according to HomeLight, homes with hardscape are more likely to sell faster and for a higher price than those without. HomeLight explains that hardscapes are often seen as an added bonus by potential buyers, giving them a reason to view your property over others in the neighborhood.

While the term “hardscape” may sound intimidating, the process is relatively simple. We can help you design a custom paver patio or create a beautiful walkway in your garden that is sure to compliment your landscape. Having your hardscape designed by a professional is a great way to ensure you are using the best materials that will hold up to the elements for years to come.

A retaining wall is another great hardscape element that can add function to your landscape while adding aesthetic appeal. Retaining walls are ideal for sloped yards because they level the land and make it more suitable for a patio or other outdoor living areas. Additionally, they can protect soil from eroding and keep it intact, which prevents water runoff and saves money on water bills in the future.

Water features are a fantastic addition to any landscaping and are an excellent way to get creative with your hardscape. A fountain or pond can be the focal point of your backyard and adds a relaxing atmosphere to your home. Or, you can design a more elaborate water feature such as a garden stream or a waterfall that is the perfect place for bird watching and relaxation.

Pavers are one of the most popular forms of hardscape because they are incredibly versatile and easy to install. Pavers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your landscaping goals. We can even incorporate them into your driveway or walkway to provide a more durable alternative to traditional grass or tile.

Other types of hardscapes include fences, benches and more. Fences can be an attractive feature in your landscape and add privacy to your property. Benches are a functional and attractive way to encourage people to spend time in your yard and can help promote social interaction. We can even design a custom seating area around a fire pit to encourage family and friends to relax together outside.